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Monitoring Your Alarm System

Monitoring your alarm system enables you to not only be contacted if an intrusion should occur, but also allows us to be proactive about any faults you may experience. Contact us today to have your alarm system connected to a monitoring centre!

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Alarm Systems
Alarm and security systems are essential in alerting you and others to intruders in your home or business.
Access Control
Access control systems restrict who is authorised to access an area, via pin code, swipe card, finger print, or even a mobile phone.
Security Cameras
Camera systems are a useful tool in identifying the who, what, when and how after an event has occurred.
Intercom Systems
Intercom systems are a useful communication tool to screen who is at the entry of your premise prior to allowing them access.



  • Safedials & Monitoring Your Alarm System
    The Safedial Wireless Communicator started as a backup for your telephone lines, or an alternative if a site did not have a phoneline. We now use this as a primary communication path.
  • Your Security Systems During Flooding
    All your security systems, including alarms, access control, cameras, and intercoms, can fail when you are experiencing flooding. Here you can find answers to common questions about your security during a flood.
  • How you can avoid a holiday robbery
    This year is finally reaching its end and many are all-to-ready to embrace a holiday mode. This means empty offices, homes full of expensive presents, and busy venues as people celebrate christmas parties and buy last minute gifts. It also means the busiest week of the year for break-ins and theft.
  • ICT Protege WX
    Protege WX is a security system by ICT. It requires no software, and is a simple system to set up and use. Here at Access Alarms we have installed many of these systems, and love this product. This post and video will explain why, and show you how to use this system.
  • Install Hik-connect on your Android phone in 7 steps
    Now that you have purchased a Hikvision system from us, you can set up this up on your phone through the Hik-connect application. Watch this video, or follow the steps below to learn how to set up the app on an Android Smartphone.
  • What happens to your alarm system during a storm?
    Storm Season In Brisbane The storm season in Brisbane is generally throughout the Summer months of December-February. As seen this … Read more
  • Electronic Strike Installation
    In this video you can watch one our technicians installing an electronic strike on a door frame.
  • Our Alarm System at Access Alarms
    This video is a quick demonstration of how we use the alarm system at our Access Alarms office.