Think of your alarm system in the same way you think of your car. You keep up to date on your car maintenance to ensure it is reliable when you need it most…

Alarm Systems
Alarm and security systems are essential in alerting you and others to intruders in your home or business.

Access Control
Access control systems restrict who is authorised to access an area, via pin code, swipe card, finger print, or even a mobile phone.

Security Cameras
Camera systems are a useful tool in identifying the who, what, when and how after an event has occurred.

Intercom Systems
Intercom systems are a useful communication tool to screen who is at the entry of your premise prior to allowing them access.

Access Alarms has been providing customised security solutions to our customers for close to 15 years. We have provided security solutions for anything from small residences to large corporations. We install, and provide maintenance, for a large variety of alarm, access control, camera and intercom systems. Our priority is to provide technology that is no more difficult for our customers to use than unlocking and locking their door.