How many sensors do you need in your alarm system?

The answer to “How many sensors do I need in my Alarm System?” will change depending on you and your...

The answer to “How many sensors do I need in my Alarm System?” will change depending on you and your home. The answer is dependant on what makes you feel protected, as well as what is needed to protect your most valuable items. 

Take the example of an average three-five bedroom homes: most of the time this can be covered by five sensors. You should consider all the entry points to your house, and of course the master bedroom. The master bedroom should always be covered, as this is generally where your most valuable items are kept, and is also the first place an intruder will go to in the event of a break-in.

Another thing to consider is the different types of sensors that are available, Motion Detectors being one of the most commonly known. Motion Detectors will pick up when someone moves around a room, and there are different types of these as well. If you have a cat or dog, a “Pet Friendly” detector may be for you, as they will ignore the movements of you furry friends.

Another type of sensor that is commonly used is a Contact Switch/Read Switch. These will detect whether a door has been opened or closed, and will often be installed on the front door. It is this sensor that will start the timer for you to disarm your alarm system. When you walk in your front door, you will hear the beeping to notify you that you need to disarm you alarm system. If someone comes into your home through any other method, such as through a window, your alarm system will immediately go off with no delay. That is the best type of security scenario you can have.

There are many other types of detectors, such as Glass Break Detectors, Vibration Detectors and many more. We can utilise many different combinations of these to ensure your home is protected fully.