How to set up your TVT Camera System on your PC

This video and page will explain how to set up your TVT Camera System on a PC. Before we begin, make sure you have your QR code available. This should have been set up/provided for you by our technicians.

1 › Open Internet Explorer if you are using Windows, or Safari if you are using an Apple system. Please do not use any other browser, as this process may not work correctly if you do.

2 › Once your browser in open go to

3 › In the QR code section type in the alpha-numerical version of the code, which can be found on the bottom of the image you were provided.

4 › Type in your username and password in the other boxes and select “Login”.

5 › You should reach a page that says “The plugin is not installed…” Click on the link on the page to proceed.

6 › When you receive the pop-up, select “save as” and select a location on your computer

7 › Once it has downloaded, select “run” and select “allow” on the next pop-up.

8 › Close Internet Explorer

9 › Re-open Internet Explorer

10 › Go back to the same website:

11 › Log in again using the same details as you did previously


How to use your TVT Camera System on your PC