ICT Protege Mobile Set Up

This video and page will explain how to set up ICT Protege on a mobile, to use with your ICT Protege GX or WX Controller. Before we begin, make sure you have all of your log in information including your IP adress, username and password. These should have been sent to you via email, or provided by our technicians.

1 › Go to the Play Store and search for ICT. Select the Protege Mobile app and install it onto your phone.

2 › Once the app is installed, open it and you will be directed to the ICT login page. If you have not set up the login yet either sign in using the options provided (eg. Sign in with Facebook), or select “Create New Account”.

3 › If you have selected “Create New Account”, enter in your email an choose a password for your account and select “Sign Up”

4 › Go back to the log in page and enter in the details you have set up. You may need to go into your emails first to confirm you email address before logging in.

5 › Allow the app to use location settings.

6 › Expand the menu on the top left and select “My Places”, then click on the plus symbol on the top right corner.

7 › You will then need to name the place, so type in whatever will work best for you.

8 › Enter in the external IP adress we have provided you in the next box

9 › Enter in the internal IP address in the box after that. If you have a WX it won’t need this adress and won’t matter what you enter. If you have a GX it is best to enter the correct internal IP address to prevent future issues.

10 › Then enter in the username and password we have provided for you.

11 › If you would like to receive push notifications on your phone, switch the toggle over to on. If you would prefer not to, continue as is.

12 › Click “Save”. If you receive an errow message, double-check that you have not entered in any details incorrectly.

13 › You will now be able to see your home screen, which will generally default as showing 6 items. You can navigate through everything else using the options at the bottom of your phone screen. You can toggle each item on and off by clicking on their icon.

14 › To edit what is visible on the home screen, select the symbol on the top of your screen that looks like a house with a plus and minus symbol next to it. Once you have selected this, just pressing on the item will remove from or add it to the home screen.