ICT Protege WX: Why it is a great system, and how to use it


Protege WX is a security system by ICT. It requires no software, and is a simple system to set up and use. Here at Access Alarms we have installed many of these systems, and love this product. This post and video will explain why, and show you how to use this system.

How the basic components of the Protege WX system works

Below is a simple example of Protege WX controller in a simple set up, with a electronic lock, a swipe card reader, push to exit button, blue light and motion detector.

To unlock the door (the electronic lock) you can either swipe a key fob/card on the swipe card reader, or you can push the exit button. We have a similiar set up in our office, with a swipe card reader outside, and an exit button inside. Either unlocking option will unlock the door for 5 seconds. 

Protege WX controller, electronic lock, swipe card reader, push to exit button, blue light and motion detector

How the system works through the website

When you log into the website for the Protege WX controller, you will see a menu at the front. To demonstrate how this set up functions, we are first going to go to Monitoring › Doors. Then we will click on Controls next to the corresponding door. This will bring up this menu:

On this menu, it is nice and simple. If you select Unlock it will unlock the door. If you select Unlock Latched it will keep the door unlocked for a period of time. 

Next we can look at the areas in the systems by going to Monitoring › Areas. For this system, we have already set up an area: Alarm System. Selecting Controls next to this area will bring up a similiar menu:

From this menu, you can arm the alarm system by clicking on Arm. As the Alarm system arms itself, the card reader will go red and beep. No that the system is armed, if it is activated by the motion detector the blue lights will start flashing to signal that there is an intruder.

You can disarm the alarm from this same menu, by clicking on Disarm. Once this area is disarmed, the card reader will go back to green. 

How the system works through the Protege Mobile app

You can also control the Protege WX controller via the mobile app. For a guide on setting up the app on your phone click here.

The ICT Protege app will show each of the devices in your system in simple round buttons. You can unlock the door by simply clicking on its corresponding button. 

You can also arm the alarm system at the touch of a button. It works the same as the website: the system will arm, and the card reader will go red and beep to signal that it has been armed. 

Once the system is armed, if the motion detector is triggered, the alarm system will be activated and the blue light will flash.

The app is almost instant, and works over a 4G connection. You do not need to be connected up to a wi-fi signal. 

How to utilise schedules for your system

You can find the schedules for your system on the website under Scheduling › Schedules

For an example, say you are using the Protege WX system for a workplace. You can program in the hours that the workplace is open here, such as 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday  – Friday. 

If you go back to Doors on the upper menu, and select a door, you can set an Unlock Schedule. The schedule that we have programmed can be selected here. The door will now stay unlocked during the hours that are programmed, 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday.

What Happens on a Public Holiday?

The system is now set up to unlock during work hours, but what about public holidays? No one will be at work, so it would be a security risk to have the system unlock on those days.

When using an older system, at the start of the year you would have to program in each public holiday. Unfortunately, things aren’t always that predictable. This year, 2020, for example we had COVID-19. 

Many businesses had to close for a period of time during the pandemic, and they had to call out technicians to reprogram their systems across that time. 

With the Protege WX system however, this scenario can be avoided using a simple option.

To do this, go into Options on the door and select Area Disarmed AND Schedule Valid Unlock Door. Unless someone swipes the card reader with their pass, the door will still remain locked during work hours. 

What products can you use with the Protege WX Controller

In our simple set up, we have an electronic lock, a swipe card reader, push to exit button, motion detector and blue strobe light.

Electronic Lock

A magnetic lock, an electronic strike, or any other locking solutions we have can be used here. Protege does integrate with wireless locking solutions as well. A few brands we can provide include Salto, Assa Abloy, and Aperio.

Card Reader

The Protege WX system can communicate with almost any card readers that are available including: 485 readers, Wiegand readers, HID and Proxy

The Protege WX can control a multitude of devices. To match the power of this controller in other systems, you would need to purchase multiple modules.

If you need to add another controller, you simply add an expansion card. The expansion card looks the same as the controller, minus the ethernet port, and with more control outputs.

The expansion card can give you another eight inputs, eight outputs. You can use it to add another eight motion sensors, you can add another eight sirens, and you can do lighting control.

You can set up the system to automatically turn on the lights for you when it is unlocked. The system in our office is set up this way, and you can read more about how we use our system here.

Some benefits of using this system

1 › Multiple ways arm and disarm your system
You can arm or disarm you system using your swipe card, through the app, through the website

2 › You do not need a keypad
You have many ways to arm and disarm your system, without having to remember any codes

3 › It is easy to remove lost/old key tags
If someone loses their tag, you can simply log in to the website and remove it from the system

4 › It has a modem port
This means the system can connect to a phone landline, if you are using one. If you are NBN this can connect to a GPRS module.

5 › It is a very open system
ICT is very open to ensuring their system talks to many different products as possible, so that they can provide as many options to you as possible.

ICT looks out for you, their customer

This is why we, Access Alarms, and ICT has worked together for at least five years.

If you have any questions regarding the Portege WX, or would like any other assistance, please call us on 1300 049 969, email us at info@accessalarms.com.au, or contact us now.