Maintaining Alarm Systems

Think of your alarm system in the same way you think of your car. You keep up to date on your car maintenance to ensure it is reliable when you need it most...

Why is it important to maintain your alarm system?

Think of your alarm system in the same way you think of your car. You keep up to date on your car maintenance to ensure it is reliable when you need it most, such as when you are in the middle of a long trip and far away from home. Like your car, if you don’t maintain your alarm system it can fail when it is the most inconvenient for you, such as 2 am in the morning when you are trying to sleep.

What are the benefits of maintaining an alarm system?

Your neighbors are the most effective preventative security measure, and will be quicker to respond than any response team that we can offer you. When your alarm activates, your neighbors are alerted and are often watching to see what is happening in your house. If your alarm system is constantly going off your neighbors will start ignoring it and this can cause you to lose that added layer of protection that your neighbors provide.

EXTENDING EQUIPMENT LIFE Your alarm system consists of many different components, including batteries in your alarm panel which work as a back-up power supply. If these fail, they can leak acid and damage the equipment. The power supply circuits also have to put in a lot more effort into charging that faulty battery, which can cause further damage. An unmaintined sytem is not going to last as long as one that is maintained properly.

What do we do when we complete a system Maintenance?

When maintaining an alarm system, we have a general procedure we follow for each system. Whether you alarm system covers a small residential building, or a large commercial building, the procedure will still be very similiar.

The first step our technicians will take when checking your system is to check the power circuits. This is to ensure your alarm system is running on power correctly.

The next component we will check is the battery. We check that the battery is charging correctly, and that your system can run off of that battery in the instance that power is disconnected.

We will then check that your system operates as it should. We do this by disconnecting all of the sirens and arming the system in the same way you would. This is generally why our technicians may ask you for the pin code to the system. This allows us to turn the system off and on in the exact same way you would, and ensure that the system operates correctly when you do so.

Now we will look at the detectors that set off your alarm system. We will clean each of the detectors, and check they are detecting what they need to, and how well they are doing so. We also make sure that your detectors are connecting to your system correctly, and that they will set it off when necessary.

Finally we will turn your sirens on to ensure they are making the noise they are supposed to. We will also check that the adjacent flashing blue light is functioning correctly.

Maintaining other equipment

It is important that your other equipment receives regular maintenance as well. This may include camera systems, intercom systems, and access control systems. Cameras need to be cleaned and adjusted, as they do go out of focus occasionally. Access control systems have many components: there are different locking mechanisms, swipe card readers, the swipe cards themselves. It is important to maintain all of these components as well.

How often should maintainence be performed on your system?

You should ensure your alarm system and other related equipment is maintained at least once every 12 months. For free advice and to book in maintenance for your system please contact us.