Monitoring or self-monitoring your alarm system

If you have the basic Bosch alarm system, it will notify you when an intruder breaks in by making a lot of noise. This will scare off an intruder, but will not notify you in any other way. If you are not in the building at the time, and there is a false alarm, this may be very annoying for your neighbors. We have two options to resolve this issue.

Our first option is getting a Bosch Ip/Network Module installed. This is approx $187, plus installation. This connects you system to your mobile phone, via an app. This allows you to control the alarm, and it will also send you push notifications when the alarm is activated. Unfortunately, you may not immediately notice a push notification if you are asleep or busy, and this is the main downside of going with this option.

Particularly if you are someone that travels a lot, and can not always be in close proximity to your alarm system, our next option might be better suited to you. Our next option is the GPRS unit. This unit can go on any alarm system, and costs approx. $295 fully installed. However, there is also an ongoing cost of approx. $50 per month. This unit will message a control room when the alarm is activated, and the control room will then follow the action plan that is tailored to you. For example, your action plan may specify to call you, and have a secondary and tertiary contact if you are not available. If we are unable to get in contact with anyone, we can send a patrol vehicle or notify emergency services.