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What is access control?

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Looking for that perfect, all-in-one security solution? We can connect your roller doors, electric gates, lights, air conditioning, alarm, camera systems and other building features to your security alarm and access control system. With all of this controlled by one remote, keeping your property safe has never been easier or more convenient.

How can an Access Control System benefit you?

Whether you are trying to secure your home, a small business or a large organisation, Access Alarms can tailor the right solution to your needs. We specialise in installation and servicing for a wide range of customised alarm systems and CCTV solutions. Our team can arrange for your system to be professionally monitored 24/7. This is combined with an effective alarm response plan to best protect your property.

Entry Control – What Does Access Alarms Offer?

We service and install a range of products for access control systems. We can integrate these with a new or existing security system in both residential and commercial applications.

Our access control systems offer you a way to establish control over the multiple access points in a building. Most businesses need to cover these access points on their premises and monitor employee attendance in order to ensure the safety of staff and customers, as well as a company’s confidentiality. Whether you require a way to restrict after-hours building access or entry into a high-security area, we can design and install a system that meets your requirements.

The most common way to limit access to particular areas is to add an electronic lock to your door. Only visitors using a proximity card or key fob, a PIN number, or a combination of both can gain access. Should you need to track staff movements, we can set up a system that allows you to record and view these movements at a later date.

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