AC – Q41H

The AC-Q41H anti-vandal controller has a unique combination of metal keys and a built-in heater, which prevents keys from freezing and keeps the unit functional in very low temperatures. The AC-Q41H has an attractive profile, free from sharp edges, which is ideal for installations where style and functionality are highly important. This feature-rich unit offers all-weather operation, with flexible programming capabilities including a unique “code search” feature for simple user management. Non-volatile memory protects the storage of user databases, modes and parameters.

AYC – F54

For a greater peace of mind, this sturdy access control unit provides a rugged keypad with advanced access control features, in an aesthetically-designed housing. The AYC-F54 offers programmable PIN transmission formats, LED Control and tamper detection, providing extra security and flexibility. Come rain or shine, this unit can handle the challenge, with its rugged ultraviolet-resistant housing and waterproof enclosure for maximum durability. The back lit keypad is clearly visible day or night, making this unit ideal for residential and commercial applications.

go PROX™ AYC Family

The go PROX™ AYC family is a series of convertible PIN/Proximity readers with Genuine HID Technology™. The go PROX™ AYC series automatically determines whether to function as a reader or as a secured standalone controller. If the unit is connected to a standard access control unit, then it functions as a reader. If the unit is connected to a power supply such as the PS-A25T, PS-C25T, or PS-C25TU, it functions as a 500-user secured standalone controller.

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