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Access Alarms provides and installs a broad range of security alarms for both domestic and commercial purposes. With years of experience working on small and large security systems in Brisbane, we can offer different solutions for all your current and future needs. Our security alarms come in 5 levels, from basic protection to 24-hour monitoring with GPRS connection.

The 5 levels of alarm systems

A standard alarm system with no off-site functionality. These security alarms will make a lot of noise if activated, which will hopefully scare off an intruder.

Comes with the ability to ‘call out’ to a mobile phone, or even send text messages if activated through a standard home phone line.

These types of alarm systems automatically call a security control room. An operator will receive the alarm activation, and act on a set of instructions. They will attempt to call you and, if they can’t get hold of you, they will call someone else in the house and then dispatch a patrol car to your home or office.

The GSM is essentially a mobile phone in a box, so the alarm doesn’t rely on a home phone line to alert you or a control centre of intrusion. If it detects a phone line has failed, it switches to the SIM card.

This system is available in 12hr through to 1 min polling with single SIM (i.e. Telstra), dual SIM (i.e. Telstra and Optus), and multi-path (Sim card and Network) communications. The system is constantly communicating with the control room within the polling intervals. An alarm is raised at both ends in the event of a loss of communication to the control room. In some cases, this can be more cost effective than the level 3 alarm systems

Access Control from Access Alarms Makes the Difference

Access Alarms offers a wide array of products and services that meet your requirements. We can recommend a level of protection that accommodates both your concerns and your budget, always keeping one eye on your future security needs.

We specialise in providing customised access control systems that are user-friendly, affordable and reliable. Our excellent customer service makes all the difference. We will go through the system step by step with you to answer any questions you might have. Every alarm installation is carried out with the help of licensed and experienced technicians.

Security Alarm Products

You can’t always put a price on safety. However, we understand that you want to protect your wallet as well as your home or business. We can set up a monitoring account for you from as little as a dollar per day. Flexible rent options are available for approved customers, with most system installations running at as little as $14 per week over 24 months.  

The price will often depend on the type of alarm systems you choose. We offer many of the best and most reliable brands on the market, which you can find below.

If you are interested in an Access Control solution for your home or business, please contact us for a free quote.


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