Solution 6000

Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm System

The Bosch Solution 6000 Security Alarm System is the top model of the Bosch family.

Everything you would ever need in small business and home security at your fingertips. The 6000 is amazingly scalable to suit almost any application. This is perfect If all you need is a security system now, but would like to look at adding swipe cards or tags later on. This system will meet all your requirements.

You’ve worked hard for the things that you own. Should a burglary occur, it is not just the items damaged or stolen, they can be easily replaced. What you lose is the peace of mind and security that your home should provide.


The solution 6000 system is one of the most technologically advanced, reliable and simple to use systems we have seen on the market. With the easy to read display, anything that is occurring within the system is shown to you in plain English.

“AWAY” and “STAY” functions

Arm your system in AWAY mode to provide protection while you’re not at home, or in STAY mode when you’re home but only in one area of the house (ie. Stay upstairs and arm downstairs). The STAY function is your best protection for unwanted visitors whilst you’re at home.


The system boasts 8 Partitions with up to 16 Keypad devices (Internal Keypads, External Keypads , Proximity/Token readers and fingerprint readers), which is perfect for a multi-tenanted buildings. Expandable to open up to 16 Electronic doors.

With the optional GSM module, you can also control the system via text messages.

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