Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the global industry leader in open platform IP video management software. The XProtect platforms deliver powerful surveillance that is user friendly, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations around the world. With support for the widest choice in network hardware and integration with many third party systems, XProtect provides first class solutions to video enable organisations. This assists in managing risks, protecting people and assets, and optimising processes to reduce costs. Milestone software is only sold through authorised and certified partners.


IP video surveillance
Brilliant Simplicity

Open platform VMS (Video Management System) for small, single-location businesses

      • An entry-level product that is ideal for small companies that require basic, yet effective VMS (Video Management System) functionality
      • A user-friendly interface makes it easy to view, search for and export video
      • Unique software wizards guide users through the process of setting up surveillance quickly
      • A flexible licensing model ensures it is easy to upgrade to a premium product or expand a system by adding additional cameras

XProtect® EXPRESS+

The fastest way to video enable your business
      • Affordable, easy-to-use open platform VMS (Video Management System) for small, single-location installations
      • Ideal for small businesses and retail shops that need an easy way of incorporating video into their business operations
      • Supports integration of third-party systems, building solutions and applications into the software for one common interface
      • Efficiently expand a surveillance installation by purchasing licenses on a per-camera basis and take advantage of new camera technologies as they come to market


Helping you to do more

Open platform VMS (Video Management System) for mid-size installations that have a need for live monitoring of video surveillance

      •  A complete solution for single-location installations with multiple buildings
      • Easily add cameras and hardware without decreasing the performance of the system by distributing devices among up to five servers
      • Unique video search tools, such as Smart Search and the Sequence Explorer, which allows users to quickly find incidents from one or more cameras
      • Provides an efficient way to manage video and swiftly export evidence in multiple formats

XProtect® EXPERT

Seeing is believing

Open platform VMS (Video Management System) designed for medium to large installations

      • Ideal for multi-site, multi-server deployments with hundreds of cameras
      • The innovative Camera Navigator collects camera locations, names and view areas, helping users efficiently track moving objects
      • Interactive maps display all alarm and camera locations for supreme situational awareness, quick response and accurate investigation
      • Integrated with the map function, the Alarm Manager gives a consolidated overview of security and system alarms for immediate visual verification


Complexity made simple

Open platform VMS designed for large, multisite, high-risk installations

      • Support for an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites
      • A central-management user interface controls all connected cameras, devices, storage and users
      • Alarm Manager and interactive maps provide instant situational awareness, helping operators optimize incident assessment and quickly take the right actions
      • Interconnect and centrally manage independent sites for easy and efficient administration of multi-site, multi-organization installations with Milestone Federated Architecture™
      • Superior video redundancy options, such as Failover Recording Servers and Edge Storage with flexible retrieval, ensure video recordings are never interrupted and access to the system is always maintained
XProtect® Smart Wall

XProtect Smart Wall is an advanced add-on video wall product for XProtect Corporate that provides an unparalleled situational overview of large surveillance centers, helping to reduce response times. The operator can publish cameras easily on XProtect Smart Wall using intuitive drag-and-drop operations or automatically using the powerful rules engine. Flexible presets make it possible to optimize the layout and content of XProtect Smart Wall for different operational Situations. XProtect Smart Wall supports any number or combination of monitors

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