NUUO HD IP Management systems

Provide an open platform option for management of all your High Definition Cameras. With support for over 30 Brands of Camera. Multiple interfacing options such as license plate recognition software. Features a playback system with 5 intelligent search functions. Can be integrated with Point of Sale, Alarm and Lighting.

True Tri-brid NDVR

With the add-on NUUO Analogue or HD-SDI Camera capture cards, NUUO offers the option to upgrade your existing analogue system to digital slowly. With a 4, 8 or 16 channel analogue card. You can add additional HD cameras to your new NUUO system without having to replace your existing cameras. Alternatively, you can purchase the main console system then replace your old cameras with the new technology as they fail.

Web and Smart Phone Support

The Nuuo Iviewer Application makes it easy to view your cameras from any platform.

Camera Surveillance Products