Intercom Installation – Choose an Expert

Professional intercom installation will enhance your home security, increase your communication and improve productivity in the workplace.

When you choose Access Alarms to install your intercom, you will receive a high-quality intercom system that gives you total control over the entry points of your building. This allows you to safeguard your assets and improve your confidentiality.

Home Security

When we install intercoms in your home, you will be able to securely screen visitors prior to opening the front door, communicate with other family members from different rooms of the house, and monitor your sleeping children. For a large apartment complex, we can set you up with a functioning intercom system that allows residents to grant access to the building from their apartment.

Commercial Intercoms

Communication is becoming more critical for keeping up productivity in an commercial environment. Our team can help you meet your commercial demands with reliable and high-quality intercoms at excellent prices.

We install a variety of intercoms, ranging from simple audio or video intercoms for a small business to customised systems for large businesses and factories. By installing audio-visual intercoms at the main entrance of your office or factory, you can monitor client and employee access. We can fit any intercom system in any type of commercial property, whether it’s a retail outlet, a private office or a factory gate.

Intercom Brands

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