What are Microdots?

Microdots appear as a small patch of glitter on an Item. Under magnification, each dot reveals a unique code similar to a serial number.

Why should I use Microdots?

1. Provides a proof of ownership of Items that uniquely links that item to you.

2. Easily mark items for identification.

What you get and how it works

1. Purchase your home kit from us.

2. Mark items with your Microdots Pen

The microdot pen contains uniquely coded microdots, Immersed in UV-adhesive. Estimated 200+ Applications.

Under a black or UV light the dots are easily located on an item

3. Keep your NanoTag Registration Card in a safe place

Your Nanotag registration holds your unique pin number for the microdots.

4. Place labels on items marked and the exterior of the house.

To further deter thieves from your home. You receive varying sized stickers to label items and your property.

If any items are stolen or go missing from you. Register the stolen item with police and advise you have the microdot technology.

Advise them of your unique Nanotag PIN Number. This then allows police to easily identify your property.