Our Services

Access Alarms specialises in providing security solutions that are customised to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to protect your home, a large corporation and anything in between, we have the solution for you. We not only provide installation of your system, but we can also provide maintenance services and installation of connected media devices. No matter the size of your system, we aim for it to be as simple for you to use as unlocking and locking your door.


Alarm and security systems are essential in alerting you and others to intruders on your premises. We provide systems across various levels of security, so you can select one that suits your needs. These include noisemaking systems, systems that directly alert you via your mobile, and systems that provide 24/7 monitoring by a security control centre.


Access control systems are the perfect all-in-one security solution. They can be integrated with a new or existing security system and provide you with control over multiple access points in your building. This can assist in monitoring those that enter and exit the premises and allow you to restrict access to high-security areas.


Camera systems are important when securing premises, as they allow you to identify crucial details when you have a security breach. Camera systems can also provide particularly useful features for day-to-day monitoring including facial recognition and fever sensors. We offer a large range of both HD and CCTV cameras and will be happy to assist you in choosing the right camera system for you.


Intercom systems can be beneficial, sometimes even vital, in ensuring a secure environment in a residential or commercial building. We can provide a range of intercom systems that allow you to communicate between rooms, screen visitors, and monitor client and employee access.