Access Control Systems

What are the benefits of an Access Control System?

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Access control systems are the perfect all-in-one security solution. They can be integrated with a new or existing security system and provide you with control over multiple access points in your building. With the one remote you can control your lights, roller doors, cameras and many more aspects of your building. It is the most convenient way to secure your property from intruders. On a commercial level, an access control system can assist in monitoring those that enter and exit the premises, and can allow you to restrict access to high-security areas.

Access Control Systems in Commercial Buildings

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Access Alarms can customise a solution for any scale of building, from a small business to a large corporation. We can install and perform maintenance for a large range of systems. The ultimate solution to protect your business is a professionally monitored system, with an efficient response plan in place. We can organise 24/7 monitoring for your system as well, to ensure this.

We can provide a customised access control system, including an array of security alarms and cameras, that is perfectly suited to your business. You can peruse the security brands we offer here.

Access Control Systems in Residential Buildings

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Access Control Systems have been utilised in apartment complexes for a long time. They are the perfect way to limit access to a building to only staff, residents and their guests, and ensure the security of all. They can also be helpful in ensuring shared areas, such as pools and gyms, are only accessible during certain time frames.

Access Control Systems can also be helpful in smaller residential buildings. They give you the ability to control your security system remotely, which can provide that extra level of security for you and your family.

Access Control Product Options

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Access Alarms can provide a range of access control solutions, as well as integration with pre-existing systems. It is important to ensure your chosen system will work for your business or home. 

One of the most common ways to limit access to restricted areas is to add an electronic lock to your door. To gain access to the area, a proximity card/key fob, a pin-code, or a combination of both can be used. We can also set up a system that allows you to track staff movements by recording and reviewing who accesses an area and when.

We will only install and recommend products from popular and trustworthy brands. Please go here for further information on our access control products

If you are interested in an access control solution for your home or business, please contact us for a free quote.