Intercom Door Entrance Systems

What are the benefits of having an Intercom system?

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A reliable intercom system can improve your security by:

› Giving you the ability to screen guests at your front door
› Allowing you to communicate between different rooms
› Assist in monitoring your children’s safety 

We specialise in the installation and maintenance of every type of security system. We have a range of intercom systems, ranging from audio-only intercoms, to video. We can provide an intercom for system for a small home, a network of apartment blocks, and anything in between.

Commercial Intercom Installations

Fermax intercom

Intercom communication between different areas in offices and industrial settings can be integral in maintaining a high productivity level. Access Alarms is proud to deliver customisable, high-quality intercom solutions at an excellent price.

Access Alarms can install a range of intercoms, from a basic audio intercom for a small business, to a tailored system for a large corporation. We can fit an intercom into any type of property from factory gates to a retail outlet.

Having an intercom installed at the main entrance of your property can give you total control over the client and employees that have access. This is a great way to safe guard your company’s confidentiality and assets.