Monitoring & patrols

Security Monitoring Centre

We can organise monitoring for any security system 24/7 for any sized building. Your system can either be monitored via a standard telephone line or a security monitoring centre (SMC). 

The way a SMC service works is very simple. If an incident occurs at your premises that activates your monitored alarm, a signal will be sent to a Grade A1 security montioring facility. When they receive this signal, they will execute a response plan that you have put in place. This can be calling a list of contacts until someone is reached, or sending a patrol car out. 

We can get this service set up for you from $0.80 a day (excluding GST), which equates to $5.60 per week. This is billed in advance each quarter, as we do not believe in locking our customers in to a long-term contract.

Please contact us now if you would like us to arrange monitoring for your system.


If security monitoring is not enough to secure your premises, we can also arrange patrol officers to visit in the event of an alarm activation.

If we organise this for your system, when your alarm system is activated, a patrol officer can be sent out to your premises. They will observe and report on the the situation and, if keys are provided to them, can reset the alarm and secure the premises before departing. 

If the officer has come across any malicious or criminal activity, they will contact the police and provide a comprehensive report. 

Regardless of the situation, the patrol officer will always contact you when the police are involved.