Monitoring your alarm system: how does it work?

How does monitoring protect your home and business?

When your alarm system is connected to a monitoring centre, you have an added layer of protection for your home or business.

Without monitoring, If you have an intruder break in while you are away, you alarm will sound. Depending on your system, you may even get a notification on your phone.

There may be a false alarm, and it is blaring loudly and disrupting your neighbors, and you are not aware that it has even gone off. You may be in a different state, you may miss the notification all together, and you may simply not know what to do if you are notified.

Monitoring your alarm system solves this problem. The monitoring centre will receive notifications from your alarm system, and will take predetermined actions. This can include calling emergency contacts, calling a patrol, or even calling the police.

What are the other benefits of having a monitored alarm system?

As your security system installer, Access Alarms receives a report from the monitoring centre everyday. We check these reports for alarm activations, but also for current and potential faults. You don’t have to call us when your alarm starts mysteriously beeping. We can see you have a low battery, or a malfunctioning detector, and we will contact you. This is also helpful in faults you may not immediately notice yourself, such as a loss of power or a zone being bypassed.

How do I get monitoring set up?

monitoring safedial

To connect your system to a monitoring centre, we install a safedial unit. This install costs $295, all inclusive of the part, call out, labour and GST.

After install, you will receive a data entry form by email. This will be pre-filled with the information we have on file. All you need to do is check your prefilled details, and fill in the remaining sections.

Once we have received your data entry form, your premise is now monitored. The ongoing cost for monitoring your alarm system is $135 per quarter.

How to fill in the data entry form

  • › Contact Information: We will pre-fill this section as much as we can. Please check the information and fill in any relevant blanks
  • › Emergency Contacts: This will be who the monitoring centre contacts if they receive a notification from your system, and the order in which they are contacted. You can provide multiple phone numbers for each contact, and you will need to provide a voice code for each as well. This can be a word, or a short collection of letters and/or digits. When the monitoring centre makes contact, they will request this code to identify you.
  • › Weekly Printouts: You can request weekly print-outs of the activity you alarm system experiences for $1.50 each week.
  • › Response Code: Your response code will determine how the monitoring centre actions an alarm activation. Our default is “1”, which means they will first attempt to call the premise, then the emergency contacts, then police (if a break-in is confirmed).
monitoring data entry form

Pocket Secure app

monitoring app

You may be able to use a connected app for your safedial, called Pocket Secure. This app allows you to arm and disarm your alarm system remotely from your phone. To get this set up for your monitored alarm system, contact us to get started. We will set you up as a user for your system, and you will receive a text message with a link to the app. All you need to do is login, and your system will already be connected.