Safedials & Monitoring Your Alarm System

The Safedial Wireless Communicator started as a backup for your telephone lines, or an alternative if a site did not have a phoneline. We now use this as a primary communication path.

The Safedial Wireless Communicator started as a backup for your telephone lines, or an alternative if a site did not have a phoneline. We now use this as a primary communication path. Having a safedial connected to your alarm system enables you to control your system via your phone: arming and disarming your system via an app. This app will also send you notifications of any alarm events. The safedial can also be connected to a monitoring centre, allowing for back-to-base monitoring. The safedial will connect to most alarm systems, but you can contact us
if you would like to confirm it is compatible with your system.
Safedial 4G Wireless Unit Connected to a Bosch 3000 Alarm System Diagram

How does it work?

On the right, you can see a diagram of a very basic Bosch 3000 Alarm System connected to a Safedial unit. This connects the alarm system to the Pocket Secure 2.0 app, which allows remote access to the system. Whether you are close to the alarm system makes no difference, the app will work the same. To arm the system from the app, all you need to is press and hold the “Arm” button. That will send the request over to the safedial, and arm up the alarm system. The light will flash red on the safedial, and that is the alarm system communicating with it to say that it is armed. This arming process can take a couple of minutes with your system, as it will still allow 45-60 seconds to leave the house. The red light on the safedial will not show until that entire process is completed.

If the alarm is now triggered by one of your detectors, the siren will start sounding and the blue strobe light will flash. After a few seconds, a push notification will appear on the app to advise you your alarm system has been triggered. Once you see that notification, you can go straight into the app and press the “Disarm” button, and that will disarm the system.

Why do we recommend having a Safedial installed?

Your alarm system is connected to a backup battery so that it continues to run even if you have lost power. Phone lines, and even NBN connections, will generally rely on a direct connection to power and will stop working when power is lost. The safedial unit communicates via a SIM card, and is powered by your alarm system. As long as your alarm system is running, you will still be able to communicate with it. As with the SIM card in your phone, you are still susceptible to losing connection to the cell phone tower, but this is rarely an issue. Relying on a SIM card connection is considerably more reliable than the telephone line method that was used previously.

What is the cost of a Safedial installation?

We will install a safedial unit for a fixed cost of $295 for all major cities. This installation includes:

  • › Supply of Safedial Unit
  • › Connection to an existing alarm system
  • › Programming
  • › Set up of phone app
  • › Connection to monitoring centre (if having back-to-base monitoring)

What are the monitoring options?

$55 per Quarter – Self-monitoring:
The first level of monitoring is what we refer to as “Self-monitoring”. This will just covers the connection between your alarm system and the phone app. This enables you arm and disarm your system via the app, and receive push notifications of any alarm events.

$135 per Quarter – Back-to-base Monitoring:
The nest level on monitoring is what we refer to as “Back-to-base Monitoring”. This will give you same abilities as self-monitoring, but will also connect your system to a monitoring centre. In an alarm event, depending on your setup, they can call designated emergency contacts, organise a patrol to attend, or even call the police.