TVT Fisheye Camera Demo

The TVT 6MP Fisheye is a unit that provides a 360° camera view and has many options to view every degree. The camera is easy to set up and is very cost-effective.

What is the TVT 6MP Fisheye Camera?

The TVT 6MP Fisheye is a unit that provides a 360° camera view and has many options to view every degree. The camera is easy to set up and is very cost-effective.

Built in to the unit is an SD port, a microphone and infrared LEDs (meaning it will produce it’s own infrared light at night time). The unit comes straight out the box ready to set up with multiple different connections including:

    Allows you to connect the camera straight into your network/ethernet

    These can connect to triggers that notify you of an occurance, and can function with an SD card in the unit

    Allows you to use the camera with a PTZ contoller

    Can connect the camera with a TV

    The camera has an inbuilt microphone, but you can also connect an external one

    You can speak through the app on your phone and have the audio come out of any attached speakers

Using the unit on your PC

When you log in to your TVT camera system on your PC, you will be able to view your camera in multiple types of displays. If you have not set this up yet go here. You will start off with a fisheye view of what the unit is seeing. In the toolbar on the right, you will see multiple display options. You can change the view in any of the frames in each display mode by simply clicking and slowly dragging within the frame. You can see all the different display mode options below.

  • › FISHEYE VIEW: 360° view as a singular round image

  • › FISHEYE AND 4 FRAMES: Fisheye appears on the left, and 4 frames showing different angles on the right

  • › 180° VIEW: Two long frames, each showing 180°

  • › FISHEYE AND 8 FRAMES: Fisheye view in the center, and 8 frames showing different angles

  • › FISHEYE AND 3 FRAMES: Fisheye view in the upper-left corner, and 3 frames showing different angles

One of the great things about this unit is, no matter what display mode you have selected, the unit will only take up one camera slot in your system. Many competitor units will take up muliple slots. This is because the camera only needs the fisheye image, and can create any of the other views using this image. That means that you can change display modes for the footage it records in Playback mode as well. Because the unit has a built in microphone, you can also listen to the audio it records, and this will work in both Playback and Live Display modes.

Using the unit on your phone

When you bring up the camera on your phone, you will be able to use similiar viewing methods to on a computer, and it is very simple to use. When you start up with the fisheye display, you can simply double tap your screen to go straight into the image. Similar to your computer, you can press and drag to move your view around the room. There are similiar display mode on your phone as on the computer, and you can choose between them on the menu to the right of your phone screen. One of the benefits of viewing the unit from your phone, is the ability to do so in a VR mode. In this mode you can turn and rotate your phone around you to view diffent angles of the recording.