What happens to your alarm system during a storm?

Lightning strikes in Brisbane

Storm Season In Brisbane

The storm season in Brisbane is generally throughout the Summer months of December-February. As seen this month of October however, and in other years, storms season can come early. Even as I write this, we had some technical difficulties in the office due to a storm. 

At any given moment there are approximately 2,000 thunderstorms in progress globally, and Australia is no stranger to them. Thunderstorms can cause a variety of issues ranging from flash-flooding, to damaging winds to dangerous lightning strikes.

How Can Storms Affect Your Alarm System?

Storms can cause a variety of damage to your property, and your alarm system may not be the first thing you would expect to be affected. Unfortunately, like all electrical systems, an alarm system is susceptible to damage from water damage and lightning

Power Outages

Power outages are common during a thunderstorm, but how may this affect your alarm system? Fortunately, your alarm system will have a back-up battery attached for exactly this situation. They can continue to operate off of this battery while the power is down. As with any changes to your alarm system however, you system will notify you that something has happened. This may cause an irritating beeping. You can rectify this by simply acknowledging on the alarm keypad that you are aware of the power loss. If you have a Bosch system you can refer to our earlier guide, How to Stop Your Alarm Beeping, for help on acknowledging a fault on your keypad. 

Once you have power reconnected to your area, your alarm system’s back-up battery should recharge itself over the next day or so. If your alarm system continues to beep, you may need a replacement battery. You can avoid issues like these by ensuring your alarm is maintained properly. Read our guide on why it’s important to maintain your alarm system here. 

Damage from a lightning strike

Alarm systems can be damaged by both a direct or indirect lightning strike to any part of the system. This can make the entire system irreparable, leaving you with one option: replacing the whole system. 

Older monitored alarm systems were connected to your fixed phone line and Main Power making them susseptable to surges or lightening from both the phone line and the power. Most systems are now monitored with a GPRS style device or Sim Card (mobile phone in a box). This removes the chance of damage from the old phone line.

Keeping your system up to date will also prevent this. Newer systems have improved power surge protection circuits and componentry.

Damage from flood and high winds

Outdoor components of an alarm system are generally weather resistant, but this resistance may be compromised by projectiles during high winds or hail. Unfortunately, water and electronics don’t mix and indoor alarms system components like sensors, controllers, keypads lack weather protection. If your house is impacted by water damage, the water may cause damage to these components.

What can I do if my alarm system is damaged by a storm?

If you experience damage to your alarm system during a storm, it is best to have a technician come out to look at it. Our technicians can identify what has happened to your system, and get it back up and running for you. 

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a technician.