Your Security Systems During Flooding

All your security systems, including alarms, access control, cameras, and intercoms, can fail when you are experiencing flooding. Here you can find answers to common questions about your security during a flood.

Queenslander house during flooding

Your alarm, camera, access control, or intercom system can all be affected when experiencing a flood. Loss of power can cause immediate problems for a camera or intercom system. While alarm and access control systems will generally have backup power, this will generally only keep your system running for up to a day. Finally, all of these symptoms are susceptible to water damage, and a loss of internet connection can cause other issues. We understand that this can be a stressful experience, so we have written a quick Q & A so that you know what to expect.

I have lost power, what is going to happen to my alarm system?

For an alarm system, you will have a backup battery installed to keep your system running. Depending on the health of the battery, and the size of your system, this can keep your system functioning for 4-24 hours. Your system will come up with a fault when you have lost power. If powered is not restored in time, you will also receive a low battery fault before your system completely fails. To clear these faults, in the meantime, please check out our guide How to Stop My Alarm Beeping. If your system suffers any water damage while offline you may not know until you have power reconnected. When your system is back online, keep an eye out for any issues and contact us if you require a technician to attend.

I have back-to-base monitoring, will this continue?

If your system is monitored, it will have a GPRS unit connected. This communicates using a sim card, and will continue to do so even if you lose internet and power. As long as your system is still running, so too should your monitoring. As well as seeing the faults come up on your alarm panel, you may also receive calls from the monitoring centre when you lose power, when the battery is low, and when connection is lost. If you know you are going to be without power for longer than a day, you can contact the monitoring centre and advise them to ignore these signals.
If we have set up monitoring for you, you can contact the monitoring centre here.

What about my camera system?

Unlike alarm systems, camera systems do not generally have in-built backup power. You can have a UPS connected to your camera system to keep it running in the event of a power outage. Find out more about UPSs here. Unfortunately, once the system is down, it will stop recording.

If you still have power, but no internet, you won’t be able to view your camera system from your computer or phone. However, your system will still be storing footage on the hard drive, for you to be able to access later.

The cameras themselves, and outside cabling, are not likely to be damaged by water. However, internal cabling and the recorder is not made to survive in water and can be damaged. If you have any issues viewing your cameras when your internet and power is back on, please contact us to arrange for a technician to attend.

What about my intercom system?

Similar to a camera system, an intercom system will not generally have backup power. In the event of a power outage, these systems will stop functioning. If you have power, but no internet connection, wired systems will still continue to function. Any wireless systems will, unfortunately, stop working as they are reliant on a wi-fi connection. Any smartphone apps will also stop functioning.

The door/gate that is connected to my system won’t open, or is stuck open, what do I do?

There are two types of locks that can be connected to a security system: a magnetic lock, or maglock, and a electronic strike. A maglock will generally automatically release the door in a power outage. To secure the premises, you may need to manually lock the door with a key. An electronic strike will do the opposite, and generally remain locked in a power outage. You can generally manually unlock this door/gate with a key to gain entry.

If your door/gate is still experiencing issues after power is restored, please contact us to arrange attendance by a technician.

I have a question about my system that you have not addressed

Unfortuantely there are some rarer issues that your system can experience during flooding, generally due to water damage. If you are experiencing something that we have not covered, please contact us by phone or send an email to